Connecting the community through
service and social opportunities

Purpose of Hello Hancock

Hello Hancock began as a grassroots effort in 2007 to give nonprofits a scheduling tool that would help prevent event conflicts. Many community partners have dedicated countless hours over the years to make Hello Hancock the go-to event calendar for Hancock County. Today, the purpose of Hello Hancock has expanded to feature a volunteer matching portal in addition to a community calendar. Volunteer support has always been a need for nonprofits, but the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the existing volunteer corps. After becoming aware of this need, the Community Foundation of Hancock County contracted with a local software developer called Betterflye to create a solution.

Now, nonprofits can still reference the community calendar before scheduling event dates to avoid conflicts with other organizations, and they can also post their volunteer needs. Then community members can access the event calendar and directly sign up to volunteer with organizations they are interested in. Our vision is to connect members of the community through service and social opportunities.

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